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28 Random Things About Me For 28 Years

  1. I am the youngest child; Born on February 12, 1992
  2. I have two older sisters (Ashley & Allison; then me, Anna)
  3. My Dad passed away when I was 19; my mom is my rock
  4. I am a proud Michigander
  5. I went to Michigan State University – GO GREEN!
  6. I was Vice President of my sorority
  7. I was in Chi Omega
  8. I lived in Austin, Texas for a short while after college
  9. Proud Dog momma to an English Springer Spaniel (Mac)
  10. Proud Auntie to a beautiful niece named Grace
  11. ALMOST a proud Auntie to TWINS! SO EXCITED!
  12. I moved to Holland after living in GR for two years
  13. I named my dog Macatawa (Mac for short) after Lake Macatawa in Holland
  14. I played basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, golf, swim team and softball
  15. I danced for 12 years; ballet and later years tap and jazz
  16. I took piano lessons growing up (can’t remember a thing!)
  17. Donuts are my favorite food, specifically, French crullers
  18. I have coffee with milk every single morning (rarely go a day without)
  19. I eat a crazy amount of raspberries and my mom always keeps them stocked for me when I visit
  20. I have special family friends that named their baby girl Ana, after me! My sweet little name sake!
  21. I see a therapist and I am grateful I do!
  22. I love Jesus
  23. I listen to a LOT of Christian music
  24. I have dreamed of writing a book – and may have some stuff in the works 😉
  25. Harbor Springs is my favorite vacation spot, my home away from home – my family has been going up since before I was even born!
  26. I have three cousins, Erika, Rebecca and Robert (small fam!)
  27. I love a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc
  28. I like my wine (no matter the type) with an ice cube!


Xoxo, Anna

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