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Adjust Your Sails

You Gotta Regatta Lilly Pulitzer Favorites

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.”

I love this quote! I think it’s nautical, meaningful, and inspirational! I suppose in this saying the wind represents a problem that might be dominant in your life. A problem such as being treated poorly by someone you care about or perhaps another situation which makes you unhappy and seems to be pushing you off course. Rather than trying to change the person or situation causing the discontent, change the way you handle it. In other words, adjust your sails! When you control the power of change by adjusting your sails, you fashion a path that can lead to plentiful opportunities and blessings. Onward to smooth sailing!

Though it’s hard to see, I am wearing an arm full of Alex and Ani bracelets. I love all of my bracelets because they were all given to me with meaning and purpose for where I am at in my life. One of the charms I am wearing is of course, the sailboat. Alex and Ani describes the sailboat charm as such: A sailboat symbolizes peace in times of change. Representing courage through transitional times, sailboats also symbolize the breath of the Holy Spirit. Wear the sailboat to celebrate the adventurous spirit that keeps you moving. I trust that through the change that comes with adjusting my sails, the Holy Spirit will lead me and guide me to keep me going!

What better shirt to wear (for a post such as this) than my “new” Lilly Pulitzer You Gotta Regatta shirt?! Believe it or not, I snagged this halter for $29.00 at Propellers clothing store in Harbor Springs, MI. I’m quite a good shopper! I am wearing last year’s print so I’ve linked a few of my favorite pieces featuring the new You Gotta Regatta print up top! Easily my favorite Lilly print of all time! Perfectly Nautical, I just love it!

Xoxo, Anna

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  1. Love this shirt, and as always, love that this Lilly print has special meaning to us Harbor Springs folk! I haven’t popped into Propellers recently, but am hoping when I’m there next (soon!) they will still have this! so cute on you 🙂

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