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All In God’s Time


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Dress: Dezzal, Earrings: Kendra Scott

We did it! We finally and officially moved! It took what seemed like the entire summer but the papers are signed and my family is on to new beginnings! Our hearts are heavy but we are looking forward to a fresh start. I truly feel like the best is yet to come! The advice I heard most throughout the entire moving process was this: “God has a plan”. How often have you heard that phrase? While I know it is said with the best of intentions and I do believe it to be true, I think that sometimes it’s one of those things that we just say and forget to actually reflect on. Does he have a plan? Are you sure?! What is it?! Why can’t I see it? Those questions parade through my head every time someone throws out those words of comfort. As I write this post I can say with complete confidence that God truly does have a plan. The catch is that it’s all in HIS timing, rather than my own. Too often I would like to think it’s in my timing because, well, I’m only human. Though my trust is not always perfect, his timing always is.¬†This post holds new hope and I am certain that God’s timing led me here. These pictures were taken just as I was offered some very fun and unique opportunities with my blog.¬†Through some tough times, I remained hopeful and God rewarded me with renewed strength. I am so looking forward to the journey ahead and will be striving to trust as he reveals little bits and pieces along the way.

Xoxo, Anna

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