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Beaumont Tower Bliss

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All merchandise is available at East Lansing Threads; Dress: Vineyard Vines, Bangles: Bourbon and Boweties 

Vineyard Vines in East Lansing?! It’s no wonder The State News recently awarded East Lansing Threads “Best Clothing Store” as a result of the votes from the MSU community. Thanks to the recent addition of Threads downtown, all of the preppy lovers out there can finally jump for joy knowing the store has presented the opportunity to SHOP LOCAL for the brands that we all know and love!

The pictures above feature one of East Lansing Thread’s newest additions. The dress is a Vineyard Vines knockout, and truly, it had me at the navy and white stripes! But as if that wasn’t enough to win me over, once I focused in on the delicate pink detailing around the neck, I was sold! What a treat it was to frolic around in this fun dress in front of Beaumont Tower. One of my favorite places on campus, The Beaumont Memorial Tower was built in 1928 and serves as an icon to Michigan State University. Not only is it a beautiful structure, but it is also rooted in a rich history. A day on campus in Vineyard Vines… it doesn’t get much better than that!

East Lansing Threads is home to a wide variety of brands that embrace all sorts of styles! If you are ever in the area, I highly suggest you pop in and check it out. Stay tuned on the blog to see what else will come your way when you decide to shop local at East Lansing Threads!

Xoxo, Anna

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