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Introducing my new FAVORITE product! Coming to you with complete honesty, I am so excited to share this epilation device with you all.

What is epilation?

Epilation is root hair removal.

What specifically is an epilator?

Epilators are hand-held electrical devices, that have a head of rotating tweezers which you run along the skin’s surface to temporarily remove unwanted body hair from the root, like waxing or tweezing. That means it takes longer for the hair to grow back. Plus when it does grow back it’s softer and finer than before. So with Braun’s Silk·épil you can enjoy smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. ​

How does the Braun Silk-Épil 9 Flex work?

Silk-épil precisely removes hair from the root giving you smooth skin for weeks.

In simple terms?

Using the Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex is as easy as shaving but as long-lasting as waxing.

Does it hurt?

YES! But I can honestly say, worth it! For whatever reason, I wasn’t prepared for this. I suppose I hadn’t really thought through the fact that it was pulling my hairs at the root. I would say the pain is equal to waxing however, waxing is quick and the epilator goes the pace of shaving. Once I got into the groove of it, I got fairly used to the pain. It didn’t hurt nearly as much the second time I used the device.

Do you use it wet or dry?

This is a matter of preference. This device is 100% waterproof. I decided to try one leg wet and one leg dry so that I could compare the pain and the results. I felt epilating dry yielded better results. Pain tolerance varies from person to person so this might be something you experiment with yourself. I didn’t note much of a difference in pain from wet to dry.

Is epilating better than waxing?

With an epilator, you are able to remove the shorter hairs that waxing might not be able to reach. This will result in smoother skin.

Does epilation reduce hair growth?

From experience, yes! I would start by epilating once a week and then scaling it back to once every three weeks to see hair grow in thinner and less.  You’ll notice the discomfort drop and the satisfaction increase.

What is in the complete Braun Silk-Épil 9 Flex Beauty set?

This Silk·épil 9 Flex beauty set includes a FaceSpa device that combines three facial treatments into one device – cleanse, epilate, & massage. So you can treat your face to flawless radiance.

Benefits of using the Braun Silk-Épil 9 Flex

  • World’s first epilator with a fully flexible head
  • Slim ergonomic handle with anti slip grip
  • Weeks of smooth skin, not just days
  • Fast, efficient, convenient
  • Adapts to your unique contours for efficient hair removal
  • Salon-like results at home
  • You can enjoy smooth skin for weeks, not just days

Learn more AND shop the Silk·épil 9 Flex Beauty Set HERE

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