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Bring More Color to Your Workouts

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How amazing is this active wear?! Target strikes again. The Joylab line at Target is filled with fun colors, prints and patterns adding a little pizazz to your workouts! The price point is a little high for Target but not bad considering the quality of the products. I will link my exact outfit below for those of you that are interested in looking into it a little further.

For me, getting back to working out had nothing to do with maintaining a certain body type. but had everything to do with living a healthy life. Mentally and physically, even the slightest attempt at a work out can go a long way. I love what it does for my mood, my attitude and my overall strength. So here I am, back to working out, in the cutest workout gear I can get my hands on for motivation!

Happy Thursday all!

Xoxo, Anna

p.s. I swear I didn’t buy shoes to match hahah I just happened to have pink and orange Nike sneaks that went perfectly! My exact pair is a few years old so I linked a newer version, still pink and orange!

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