Midwest Charm with Anna

Captain Dave Meets Lilly Pulitzer

Matching Separates: Lilly Pulitzer, Flip Flops: Jack Rogers, Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

One minute I was standing in Kollen Park in this cute little number and the next I was getting a tour of Captain Dave’s sailboat with my friend Serena! Hahahah! I still laugh just thinking about it. Maybe you’ve caught on to the fact that I tend to put myself in super awkward or super embarrassing situations. Fortunately, more often than not, they lead to a good laugh. This story is no exception. My friend Serena and I had scouted a super cute little spot on the end of the boat launch at Kollen Park in Holland, Michigan. We walked over thinking we would just sit on the edge of the dock for a moment and take in the beauty of the super sunny day (note the massive sunburn on my left arm). Wellp fail. Instead of a peaceful moment on the edge of the dock we got Captain Dave! The cutest little man, we ended up talking for quite a while which then led to a lovely little tour of his little sailboat that he currently lives on. I thought I was chatty but boy oh boy did I meet my match. A very interesting man that honestly had us in hysterics. He could have rambled forever! Captain Dave has big plans for a memory foam mattress in his little sailboat along with a fully mapped out journey to who knows where other than somewhere! Not a bad route to go because Captain Dave said he didn’t have a worry in the world! So anyways, there you have it. Captain Dave! He loved the Lilly and I hope you do too! Thumbs up for a summer in color!

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