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Nautical Essentials

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“A nautical essential, the life preserver inspires a sense of peace and safety on the unpredictable tides, allowing every seafarer to navigate successfully. This protective symbol is a reminder that you have the strength, the willpower, and the capability to hold yourself above water. A reassuring symbol that all will be well, embrace the energy of the Life Preserver Charm as an encouragement to forge bravely forward.”

I know I’ve shared this message from the Life Preserver charm before but I so badly wanted to share it again. There was a time when I wrote my posts for this blog as if the whole world was reading them when in reality, my Grandma was likely the only one (thanks Grandma heheh). As it stands now, this blog has more daily visitors than I ever dreamed possible. I think I shared the life preserver post when it was solely my Grandma reading so I figured I would share it one more time! A little nautical inspiration for you all!

Whether you’re here for the fashion or here for the faith, I hope you find something that inspires you. Inspiration is everywhere if we are open to seeing it. My goal has always been to keep my blog diverse, especially for those that aren’t wanting to be bombarded with Christian messages. More times than not, ¬†however, it is my hope that my fashion draws you into a post and you like what you read. Why? I suppose it’s because I am passionate about my faith and feel called to share it. I pray that you too, can find delight in loving the Lord. Through the ups and downs this life has presented, I have found great comfort in the word of God. In fact, I don’t know where I would be without it. Even my bad days are filled with joy and that is a gift only God can give.

Lately more than ever, I am experiencing the unpredictability of life. Unpredictable in the best ways, I have been leaning on God as my life preserver, my safety raft that will help me navigate each situation successfully. He protects me as I hold myself up and continues to give me the strength I need to forge bravely forward, despite all of the unknown ahead! For someone like me, life can be scary when it’s unpredictable. I love this message as it reminds me that all will be well with God as my life preserver!

Xoxo, Anna


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