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Dapper Dads Challenge

Rather than trying to sum up the Dapper Dads challenge myself, I figured I would share a letter from Steve himself. I can’t think of a better participant for the challenge. Steve is a compassionate family guy, an amazing man in our East Lansing community and a fun person to be around. I look up to Steve as he plays a special role in my life that I’m not so sure can be summed up in words. Not only is he a friend, but he is also my voice of reason in good times and bad. He humbly looks after me and cheers me on knowing that my Dad isn’t here on Earth to do so. I am pretty convinced that when God closes one door, he opens another and Steve in my life is a perfect example of just that. Having someone care so much is such a blessing. I am very thankful for Steve and I truly admire him as a person. He is incredibly involved in the life of his beautiful family but also takes a special interest in helping those around him. He’s a special guy!
Read below to find out how you can support Steve in the Dapper Dads challenge. Your vote goes a long way. Thank you to those who do choose to support someone that means so much to me! Your vote will help to fund an amazing cause!
I am again participating in a local fundraiser called the Dapper Dads Challenge. The Dapper Dads Challenge is organized by Women Working Wonders (W3).  Now in its 14th year, W3 has raised more than $2.2 million for equipment and resources that have improved the health and psychological well-being of thousands of mid-Michigan women.
Each $5 vote you cast is a tax-deductible donation to the Sparrow Foundation. Funds raised this year are expected to complete W3’s $1 million pledge to Sparrow’s new Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.
Past W3 supported/funded projects include:
  • A $250,000 MicroSelection HDR V2 that reduces radiation treatment for Patients with certain types of breast cancer from five weeks to five days.
  • A state-of-the-art stereotactic breast biopsy machine for Sparrow’s Radiology Department.
  • A dedicated room for the compassionate treatment of sexual assault victims.
  • A Transition-to-Hospice Program that helps terminally ill Patients and their families ease into end-of-life care.
  • An Infant Bereavement Program for the heartbreaking times when parents lose a newborn.
  • Pocket-sized cards outlining symptoms of heart disease and stroke specific to women, created and distributed throughout the region.
  • A comfortable (and comforting) family lounge in Sparrow’s Neurosciences Center.
  • Softer, more comfortable examination gowns for women undergoing mammograms at Sparrow.
  • A lactation clinic at Sparrow to assist mothers who may have challenges breastfeeding their new babies.
My goal is to finish in the top 13. Last year I finished 15th. I really appreciate any votes you can give me.

dapper dads

I love this pictures as it is a collage of Steve with his girls and my Dad with his. Both of our families, intertwined by the grace of God, have beautiful blonde anchors that have sculpted us and supported us with lots of nurturing love! Mom’s make the world go round!

Thanks again to all who support my blog and to those that support Steve in the Dapper Dads Challenge!

Xoxo, Anna

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