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Fabletics + a workout

Greetings friends! How fab is this outfit from Fabletics?! So fun and so bright it’s almost funny. In fact, as I was standing outside in this outfit my next door neighbor was driving down the street headed for his driveway. He rolled down his window as he neared me and said “what the hellllllll are you wearing Anna?!” Hahahh! Our neighbors are like family so he can totally get away with saying that. I laughed hysterically and then said, “Fabletics, duhhh”. Now on a more serious note, every time I wear these leggings people ask about them. They really are super cute. Certainly bright but very cute. The matching sports bra is my new fav because it is so incredibly comfortable. Truly, it’s the best sports bra I have ever owned. Big fan! My entire outfit (minus my Nikes which conveniently match) was $25. This was my first Fabletics purchase as a VIP member and I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed. From my experience, their gear runs true to size.

I have taken on a real love for Pure Barre with the only issue being that the studio closest to me is about a 20 minute drive. While I realize it’s not thaaaat far, that’s my biggest excuse for not going. I do my best to go at least 3 times a week and supplement with other workouts when the day feels right. Though I don’t do an intense workout every day, I do manage to squeeze in what I deem a “mini” workout almost every day. In the below pictures, I have decided to demo my go to “mini” work out that I usually do right before I get in the shower. Totally weird right?! I lay out a towel on the bathroom floor and go to town. I guess the moral of the story is that you don’t always need to make time to do a massive workout. 1) That can be exhausting 2) Sometimes you’re just too busy! If you’re up for the challenge, take some time before your next shower and try my “mini” workout. While I am no pro, it has been effective for me! If you opt to give it a go, I hope it’s just as effective for you!


Laying flat on your back lift your legs in the air to a 60 degree angle keeping them as straight as possible (fail on my part). Lift your shoulders as high off the ground as you can and reach your finger tips to your toes. Crunch right 20 times, crunch left 20 times, crunch center 20 times.


Plank! A full body effort, keep your back flat and your hips tucked. Hold for 1 minute.

DSC_0058 (1)

V-Sits. Crunch your legs up to your chest and then extend your legs straight out. You are essentially folding your body into a V shape. Repeat 20 times. 2 sets. Modify by placing your hands behind you.



A quickie for the arms. Scooch your buns back to be in line with your wrists (note that I need to slide it back  quite a few more inches!). Keep your arms close to your body and bend (or as they say in Pure Barre- pulse) your elbows about an inch. Bend/pulse pushing yourself up and down 20 times. Repeat twice.


Stretch! End with a little stretching and hop on into your shower. I promise you will feel a bit more satisfied than you otherwise would have!



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  1. Just thought I should tell you fabletics is having this thing where you can get two pairs of leggings for $24 if you become a VIP! Pretty good deal!

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