Midwest Charm with Anna

Feelin’ the Fringe





How fun is this fringe cardigan from @Shein?! I have come to really love this brandĀ as it offers a wide variety of clothing at a relatively inexpensive price. Perfect for someone like me because I am slightly crazy and I really don’t like to repeat my outfits. I’m happy to wear the same thing styled a different way but too much of the same bothers and bores me! Adding pieces from Shein to my closet has allowed me to wear fun and unique pieces, such as this fantastic fringe cardigan, that I will wear a few times and then sell or donate. Because of the low prices, I don’t feel guilty about only wearing certain piecesĀ a few times before passing them on.

I am so excited to finally say TGIF! What a week. I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend in Ann Arbor and then Chicago. Lots of driving but I will be in great company! Does anyone else have any fun plans this weekend?! Stay warm! If you’re in the Midwest, we are in for a chilly one!

Xoxo, Anna

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