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Finally FALL!

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Welcome to the most beautiful hidden gem of a spot that I have ever discovered. A tiny little opening that leads through the woods and opens up to the far-reaching and incredibly beautiful Lake Michigan! I showed up with my curly hair down and as you can see that was very short lived! The bun was a necessity with the intensity of the wind. In fact, it was so windy by the water it was comical. I felt like I had to shout to my friend just so she could hear me. Though it sounds like chaos, it was not. There was actually something very soothing about it. It was like the world shut off for just a minute and all you could hear was the wind and the waves. Our cell phones didn’t have service and we were just able to appreciate the views and gaze at the wind surfers out in their wet suits taking full advantage of the day that they were given! (In their case, bring on the white caps!) I could have stayed out there forever. It just felt like the perfect place to be.

Per usual, the pictures we took led to lots of laughs! At one point, my friend Serena was in a tree just to get the perfect shot and there I was shouting because again, it was so windy we almost couldn’t hear each other. Our communication was reliant on facial expressions and laughs… I deem that the perfect form of communication anyways!

In other news, this sweater is perfect for Fall. I love the off the shoulder look and the tassels were a fun bonus in the wind. Did you know that Fall officially starts at 10:21am in Michigan?! I did not but thanks to the morning news I learned that fun fact today! I hope you all do something fun today to celebrate and get yourself all geared up for Fall sweaters, apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Cider mills, doughnuts, tailgates and football are in our future and I am beyond ecstatic!!!

Happy Fall Y’all 😉

Xoxo, Anna

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