Midwest Charm with Anna

From Sun to Snow








Michigan never fails to amaze me! I mean come on, snow in April?! ¬†Want to hear something even funnier than the 100% chance of snow we have all day today?! It’s supposed to be nearly 70 degrees on Saturday! Nice and sunny all weekend long. Get it together Michigan! I wanted to share these pictures while the snow gave me the chance because admittedly, they were taken a few weeks back, when it was still winter and the snow was actually acceptable! This dress was a find from @BananaRepublic. Banana is one of my favorite places for dresses because they are such versatile pieces at very reasonable prices. They are perfectly suited for work yet also wear well if you were to head out for drinks or even a dinner date. I love that their pieces are classy and modest. I feel confident wearing them to church without having to compromise my style. Classy, cute and always appropriate. Can’t beat that!

For those of you in the Midwest, stay warm today! Spring, we’re ready for ya!

Xoxo, Anna

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