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Polo: Ralph Lauren, Hat: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Nike
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Polo: Ralph Lauren, Hat: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Nike

With golf season upon us and the kick off of The Masters today, I thought it might be fun to share a few fashion tips for when you’re out on the course! Golf etiquette is important and that starts with what you choose to wear. Growing up, golf was a big part of my life. My Dad absolutely loved the game and he taught my sisters and I to love it in many of the same ways. I played on a regular basis with my family when I was little and as I got a little older I started to compete. My competitive golf days ended when I finished my final season of high school golf my senior year. I still play, but these days, it’s just for fun (and usually with a cart)!

My go-to golf outfit includes a golf skirt, a cute polo and a matching hat! After many years of playing long rounds of 18 holes, I found that golf skirts were the perfect way to keep the outfit cute while still being comfortable. I also like to wear fun patterned, seersucker or colorful shorts, and pair those with a polo (tucked in) and a cute belt. It’s important to remember that your shorts should be an appropriate length, and you should avoid denim like the plague! Jeans on the golf course are a big no no. I get most of my golf shorts and belts from J.Crew and most of my polo’s and hats from Ralph Lauren. There aren’t too many sports that allow you to look cute while you play, but golf is certainly one of them! Maybe that’s why I like it so much!

My top 5 favorite courses in Michigan include:

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