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Sweater in collaboration with Romwe

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that it hit me. The year that brought SO MUCH was coming to an end. A year filled with pain and suffering, anxiety and depression, help from others, acceptance, happiness and gratitude, God, love, joy, change, good times and bad times, wonderful experiences and plenty of new opportunities was over. I’ve never been one to make a big deal of the new year. I guess I’ve just never really felt it necessary, deeming it “just another day” in the calendar year. But this NYE felt different. I didn’t do anything special or make any impressive resolutions for 2017. Nope! I simply rang in the new year with a good friend (and blog photographer) sipping wine and watching Mariah Carey throw a tantrum in Time Square. It was perfect. It wasn’t about what I did or didn’t do, rather, it was a feeling. I felt like I was turning my back on a year that held so much. I had many mixed emotions about it and I’m still not so sure I have words to sum them up. Nevertheless, what I can say is this: In 2016, I lived. I learned a lot about myself and I have a perspective that perhaps I wouldn’t have, had it not been for the roller coaster of 2016. I am thankful. Be true to yourself and fight for your happiness. Laugh. Accept help from others and lean on the Lord. 2017, I’m ready for ya!

Xoxo, Anna

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