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-A special thank you to JB and Me for sponsoring this post-

JB Stylebox! A personal stylist dedicated to YOU. You guys, this service is amazing. So personal, with small town touches on a big idea. The outfit in the pictures above was selected for me by one of the stylists at JB & Me. I never would have thought to wear the ‘Love Your Melon’ beanie with this outfit but am glad the opportunity presented itself. Because these pieces were selected just for me, I was able to try them on and decide if I liked them before committing to them! Not only is the beanie in the pictures up top a piece that I may not have thought of for myself, but how amazing it the Splendidla long sleeve layered underneath that sweater?! Such a trendy top that I might have missed roaming the store or searching online. The top pairs well with sweaters and is also pretty darn cute worn separately. JB Stylebox creates outfits for clients based on their profile. Clients can try on their selected items in the comfort of their home, keep what they love and send the rest back! You deserve to look your best and JB Stylebox gives you that opportunity with minimal effort. Expert stylists hand select items just for you, and have them delivered to your front door.
How it works:

Fill out your style profile to share your needs and preferences. For a $20 fee, we will create a custom look just for you.

Your stylist will send you 5 pieces based on your style profile that you can mix and match. They will be delivered to your front door.

Keep what is right for you and send the rest back using our free shipping label. You will only be charged what you keep.
You can do all of this online by visiting JBSTYLEBOX.COM

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email! I am in love with this look and even more in love with the fact that I probably wouldn’t have selected it for myself. I hope you all give this service a chance. Reading the reviews and hearing peoples personal testimonies after using it was really fun. These stylists clearly know what they are doing and I happily put my wardrobe trust in their hands! Happy shopping everyone!


Xoxo, Anna



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