Midwest Charm with Anna

JoyLab™ Strikes Again

These high-waisted leggings feature a seamless construction and ultra-soft material that have truly blown me away! Add the matching sports bra and you’re looking at the set of my dreams! My sister and I were at Target the other day and we both picked up this adorable set. It comes in three colors so we each got a different color. After wearing this set around town and giving it a test go, I’m confident that next time I’m at Target, I’ll be picking it up in the other two colors! If you’re an intense workout gal like my sister, this set is for you! And if you’re just a leisurely dog walker that likes to wear activewear, this set is for you! It’s comfy and it’s cute, perfect for work(ing out) and play! Shop the sets by clicking on the pictures below!

Shop my favorite sneaks! I’ve had mine for two years and still love them just as much as I did when I got them!

Happy Shopping!

Xoxo, Anna

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