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Lilly in South Haven

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White jeans: JCrew, Tunic: Lilly Pulitzer (similar options here), Wedges: Michael Kors (similar here), Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren, Monogrammed Handbag: Etsy

Is it true that you aren’t supposed to wear white before memorial day?! Perhaps… but I think the “no white before memorial day” rule was made for breaking! White jeans are a staple in this Lilly lovers closet and I couldn’t wait to get them back out for the summer season! I paired my white jeans with a pink tunic from Lilly Pulitzer, and gold wedges from Michael Kors. I was carrying my favorite clutch purse monogrammed with my initials in pink! It’s my favorite because not only is it very cute, but it was one of the gifts my oldest sister gave me for being in her wedding. So, it has some sentimental meaning to it! Gotta love that! All in all, it was the perfect outfit for the day because while the sun was beaming, it was still quite chilly! Especially on the lake! The long pants and long sleeves served me well. What a joy it was to be back in bright colors in the bright sunshine!

The pictures above were taken on the South Haven pier on Lake Michigan. If you have never been, I highly highly recommend it! The lighthouse is incredible and the views from the pier are absolutely stunning. Not only that, but the little downtown of South Haven is quite charming! After we spent some time on the pier, a friend and I ate dinner at a place called Clementine’s. The restaurant is said to have an old-timey saloon vibe and we confirmed that it certainly did! Located in an old bank building, the architecture was very unique. An overall great day, I look forward many more adventures and sunsets in South Haven, Michigan! Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Anna

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