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Macatawa is Back in the City

Macatawa is back in the city and this dog momma couldn’t be happier! See what I brought to help Mac adjust to his new home and to help myself re-train him to adapt to city life!

Keep in mind, while Mac’s first home was downtown Grand Rapids, it’s been well over a year since he has actually lived here! Going from the suburbs to the city for a bird dog has it’s challenges but Mac has been doing wonderfully and I am so proud of him!

For Mac:

For the home:

If you have any questions about having a puppy in the city or just even a puppy, please feel free to message me! I’ve learned so much from my journey with Mac and there are certainly things I am doing now that I really wish I would have done when he was 8 weeks old rather than 3 years old!

Xoxo, Anna

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