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Sweater provided by MakeMeChic.com. All opinions are mine. #ad #sponsored 

This outfit makes me want to break out in song to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” heheh! Something about the light blue and white combo I guess. We just got our first dose of a Michigan Winter on Sunday. Not a lot of snow, but enough to stick and cause chaos on the roads. I got back to East Lansing on Sunday after spending a weekend away in Holland (on the west side of the state). When I made it home I went right inside, hit the couch and didn’t move for quite a few hours. It was glorious! While I was gone, my mom had decorated for Christmas and with the fireplace on I could have stayed put forever. Sadly, somewhere in time I got old and have to do this thing called “being an adult” so I did eventually get myself up, off of the couch and away from the cozy fire. When I finally motivated myself to unload my car, I opened the front door to what looked like 3-4 inches of snow! I love a little snow shock! I actually had thrown on my little moccasin slippers because I was just going to run out to my car very quickly. Instead, I had to turn myself around to put on some boots because we had accumulated so much snow in my time of laziness and I didn’t even realize it. There was just a bit too much for my slippers to take on! Though everything is a little more challenging and takes a little more time during a Michigan winter, I would’t trade it for the world. Cold, cozy and pretty! Winter in three words!

This sweater is from Make Me Chic and just screams winter. It’s light blue color is soft and pretty and the turtle neck portion is warm and cozy! The cold shoulder detail is a fun little bonus! Add a beanie and you too can be Walking in a Winter Wonderland 😉 hehe! I apologize for the yellow tint to the pictures above, I am still learning how to use my new camera and the lighting inside Von Maur was a bit yellow-ish I guess! I will figure it out eventually! You can shop my sweater here and the rest of my outfit by clicking on the pictures below! Stay warm this week!

Xoxo, Anna

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