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My Favorite Cardigan EVER







Winter 2016 – I’m ready for ya! I heard on the news this morning that this is supposed to be the coldest December we have seen in the last decade! YIKES! Though I probably should have been wearing a coat, for a cozy cardigan, this one certainly kept me quite warm. You guys, I honestly LOVE it! I love everything about it! It’s over-sized look, it’s chunky knit, it’s vibrant pink color! Though I usually wear my pinks a little softer (and not quite as bright), this one is so fun, I couldn’t resist. Moving onto my boots! If you have to trek through any sort of wintery weather, these boots are gold! So durable, so warm and honestly, I think the fur is really fun heheh! I highly recommend Sorel’s and I promise they are worth the investment. I have had my boots for 3 years now and they are still in great condition!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! To shop my look, click on the pictures below!

Xoxo, Anna

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