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It’s no secret that I love a pretty lighthouse so perhaps the mystery lies in the why I like them so much. It wasn’t until recently that I even found out for myself! Being a Michigan girl I’ve always loved the lake but over the course of the past few years, I’ve found an incredible sense of peace there. Living in Holland, Michigan at the time, I can still remember my only request for the 3rd anniversary of my Dad’s passing (my sister calls it my Dad’s Angel birthday) being a trip to the beach. My Dad passed away on October 20th so it’s not exactly “beach weather” that time of year! Nevertheless, I bundled up and hauled myself out to the water where I simply stood for a while starring out at Lake Michigan with two lighthouses off in the distance. In my heart I knew that God’s love would lead me through. Similar to a lighthouse, I had the literal reminder that through the storms, He would keep shining in the darkness.

Ever since, I have found a great deal of comfort at the beach. I love nothing more than sitting on the pier and starring out at the Lake. In many ways, God is my lighthouse and I trust that He will always be there to guide me safe to shore!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Xoxo, Anna 

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