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Tights are in this season and using them as a tool to jazz up an outfit or pattern mix is my favorite! I have so many tights from years past and I’ve added a few new ones to my collection this winter. I picked up my tights for $6 and I think the quality is perfectly acceptable for the price paid. I am one to really wear my tights so I have a hard time spending too much on one single pair. On any given day, I snag them or rip them or manage to do something to them! It’s much less disappointing when you’re talking about a $10 pair of tights rather than a $200 pair of tights!

With that said, the Gucci tights are pretty popular right now! They’re not for me simply because of price alone however, I did link some higher end tights (including the Gucci ones) in the second category. Perhaps you are responsible enough to have nice tights! In that case, there are some killer ones out there right now that just might be for you. For me, since I am so hard with the wear and tear, I’m going to stick to my under $10 category! You can’t go wrong with either, it just depends on what best suits you!

Happy Wednesday!

Xoxo, Anna

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