Midwest Charm with Anna

A Picture Diary of the Greenbrier Through the Lens of my iPhone

Fair warning: lots of pictures to come!

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My journey to the Greenbrier was everything but dull. A flight from Lansing to Chicago to Roanoake, plus a drive from Virginia to West Virginia with absolutely no GPS (and no sense of direction) finally landed me at the breathtaking Greenbrier Resort. I pulled in with busyness and excitement surrounding me realizing that the Houston Texans (NFL) were having their training camp right there at the Greenbrier. It was busy in the best way, upon my arrival. I was given Chamapgne at check in and quickly scurried up to my room to get ready for the day’s wedding festivities. I was meeting two of my best friends from Holland, Michigan in the hotel lobby to shuttle up in the mountains to witness two of our other best friends join together in marriage. The ceremony was incredible, outside tucked into the mountains, with beautiful sights and flowers surrounding us. Filled with God and filled with love, it could not have been more beautiful. I don’t have words to express the amount of joy that comes from watching your friends marry the person of their dreams! It is SO special! After the ceremony, we walked across the way to the most beautiful cocktail hour. Harp music played as we enjoyed Moscow Mules around the infinity pool taking in the mountain views. Unbelievable is best word I can use to describe the beauty that surrounded us. After an incredible reception celebrating our bride and groom, we were shuttled back down the mountain to the casino at the Greenbrier. It was a hoot! We were casino amateurs! I quickly made friends with one of the coaches from the Houston Texans who informed me that they had the day off the following day. As a result, the squad was living it up at the casino. It was crowded and we enjoyed every second! The next morning, I explored the property, met amazing people and drank coffee overlooking the beautiful Greenbrier gardens. I included lots of pictures because my words will never do this resort justice. A God-flled weekend, I felt honored to be a part of. Short but sweet, I hope to go back some day! It was truly amazing and I will forever hold the memory of celebrating my two good friends in such a beautiful place!

Xoxo, Anna

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