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Seersucker Saturday’s

Jeans: J.Crew, Pink Long Sleeve Tee: J.Crew, Boots: Hunter, Jacket: Mark Your Mrk, Hat: Make Your Mrk

The best part about my blog is the amount of people it has already connected me to. For me, meeting new people and building relationships is such a joy! While in Austin, I had a cool opportunity to connect with a local from my hometown. His name is Michael Kelly and he is the co-founder of Make Your Mrk, a unique and fun clothing line featuring seersucker hoodies and hats. Michael reached out to me to tell me about his seersucker hoodie business and chat about my blog. As it turns out, we are a dangerous duo because we can both talk for hours…which is what we did…and continue to do! The more we talk the more I learn about how his business unraveled, where it started and where it’s going. He has big plans for his hoodies and they are well under way! I think ambition really shines through when you are working on something you are passionate about it. I look forward to sharing more of Michael’s business story on my blog in posts to come. For now, here is a little preview of the green seersucker hoodie and hat he was kind enough to mail to me while in Texas! If you would like one of your very own, head to www.seersuckerhoodie.com  or stop into East Lansing Threads in East Lansing, Michigan! They come in multiple colors for both men and women! Until next time!

Xoxo, Anna

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