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Shein for the Win

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Hello everyone and happy Monday! In the past, I shared quite a few pieces sent to me from Shein. I decided to take a break from their stuff but am slowly introducing some of their pieces back into my posts, starting with this fun little minidress! The embroidery is my favorite part, detailed and well done. If you’re looking for a casual, yet fun, Valentine’s Day outfit, this could be for you! The red and white against the navy is subtly festive! I love it. Picking pieces from Shein can be tricky but if you familiarize yourself with the brand, they really do have a plethora of cute things. My advice when perusing the site is to select safe fabrics, read the reviews, especially for the sake of sizing, and leave ample time for your order to arrive. For example, if you really do want to throw this dress into mix for your Valentine’s Day outfit options, I would recommend ordering it sooner rather than later. If you every have any questions, feel free to send them my way!

On a different note, I am going to start working on my post that features my newest little addition, Mac, in just a bit! I’ve gotten so many wonderful messages and questions regarding my little guy and I can’t wait to lay it all out for you guys. Thank you for all of your support as I navigate the puppy world!

Xoxo, Anna

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