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Southern Hospitality Company

I have definitely said this before and I will happily say it again, the best part about blogging is the people it has allowed me to make connections with. I know it’s easy to throw rocks at social media because in our day and age it certainly has it’s negatives, however, it’s important to not lose sight of it’s value! This blog along with my other social media outlets, such as Instagram and Facebook, have allowed me the opportunity to connect with people that I otherwise would have never met! This post is a perfect example! I was contact by two girls named Ashlyn and Julie who recently started an Etsy Shop online called Southern Hospitality Company. Let me tell you, it is ADORABLE! My first thought when they reached out was, “my goodness they are incredibly nice” and my second thought was “ok whoa! I just found yet another favorite Etsy Shop!” It is a preppy lover’s dream filled with cool prints and incredibly well done monograms. So many items to choose from, whether it be a tumbler to take to class, stationary to send letters, coasters and plates for the kitchen or gift tags for the holidays! Truly a site that is worth perusing not only to treat yourself but also for gifting to others! You guys (or perhaps since this shop is based in the south I should say y’all 😉 heheh) this is SUCH an amazing site to use for buying gifts. With the holidays right around the corner, I know this shop will be a valuable go to! It’s personable, well priced, and cute! It’s easy to get behind a site with great products but it’s even easier, in addition to rewarding, to get behind a site that is backed with so much character and ambition. Ashlyn and Julie have just that! They reached out to me with the kindest words and most genuine interest not only in my blog but also in me. I couldn’t help but post a picture of the lovely note they sent with the fun mug featured in the pictures above. They took note of my love for Jesus and didn’t hesitate to state their appreciation! I love my blog but even more so I love the people and products it has introduced me to! Thank you so much to both Ashlyn and Julie for the beautiful mug (which I love sipping coffee from in the morning), for your incredibly fun Etsy shop that you are sharing with the world and for your big hearts! The world is a better and more creative place because of people like you two!

I pulled some pictures from their site featured above but there really is SO much more to see! Check out their site here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoHospitalityCo and search them on Instagram via their handle: @southernhospitalityco

Xoxo, Anna

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