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Southern Tide Tunic at Tunnel Park

Southern Tide merchandise available at East Lansing Threads

People always ask me who takes all of the pictures that I post. A totally valid question! Well, let me paint a picture in your mind while I also share the embarrassing story that gave me the biggest smile in the pictures above. After all, if you can’t have fun with what you’re doing, then why do it?! My friend Serena and I frequently venture out to fun places in search for beautiful scenery that 1) we can enjoy and 2) that we can take some pictures to feature on the blog. It’s become something that we truly love doing. This particular trip to the west side of the state was extra fun because not only was I working on something special with East Lansing Threads, but also, my friend Katie asked if she could join along. Katie has a new photography hobby that she was ready to play around with. She has such an eye for it and takes beautiful pictures. We road tripped our way to Holland together and met up with my friend Serena before we set out to find the scenery. With some places in mind, we started in Douglas, then turned the corner to South Haven, made our way to Saugatuck and ended our trip back in Holland. I truly felt so cool with two photographers snapping away. We are all relatively new in our endeavors to pursue our hobbies but at the time, it felt like we were old pros. At one point I turned to my friend Katie and said laughing, “I feel famous!” and she totally shut that down. Katie is incredibly blunt (in a very loving way) and that’s one of the things I love about her most. She is so funny. So anyways, the big smile was the result of our sunset stop in this Southern Tide tunic. We were at Tunnel Park in Holland when a crew of what looked like Hope College sorority girls (all in matching sweatshirts) starting to trickle down towards the beach. I was ready to call it quits because I don’t do pictures with crowds around, and also, it was FREEZING. But unfortunately, we had just arrived so with the “encouraging” words from my photographer friends, we kept going. There I was posing away when one of the girls walking to the beach yelled out “Awww how cute, senior pics” …I wish she was being sarcastic or something but unfortunately, we’re pretty confident she was dead serious. So there you have it. I’m not sure if my big smile was the result of embarrassment or just a genuine laugh but in either case, we all got a kick out of it. It was just what we needed to get our minds off of the cold to finish the little photo shoot we had going on. The trip was an overall success, embarrassing moments and all. ¬†We ate sweet treats along the way, stopped for dinner and ended the night with drinks. It really was perfect. I am grateful to have such amazing friends that are willing to intertwine our hobbies in attempt to pursue what we are passionate about. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them! I hope my story gave you a little laugh. I do embarrassing stuff allllll the time, so I really wasn’t too phased by this particular little moment. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more stories to share in the future.

As you may have noticed, my last few posts have all featured the relatively new Southern Tide women’s line. This is all thanks to East Lansing Threads whose Southern Tide gear has recently arrived in store. Head on into 225 E. Grand River in East Lansing, Michigan or to www.EastLansingThreads.com to check it out. The tunic I am wearing in the pictures above is perfect for a day at the beach or relaxing in the sun!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Xoxo, Anna

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