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Sweater (Dress) Weather







This was an outfit that I wore to church on Sunday and kept on for the remainder of the day. I love a good church outfit that doesn’t make me want to come home and immediately change into something more comfortable. Fortunately, the church I like to attend is quite casual so really, anything goes! I wore it to church and then out to brunch and later found myself at the beach. It was a sweater dress fit for every occasion!

My favorite part of my weekend usually includes going to church. I don’t go every Sunday but when I do, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy that really carries me through the week. Due to the fact that I always seem to have a lot going on, the message always finds a way to relate to my personal life hahah! This past Sunday we talked about carrying each other’s burdens and the various aspects that go along with that. Overstretching into someone’s life and not stretching far enough were the broader take away points. While I wish I could find a way to recite what was said during Sunday’s sermon, I cannot! What I can give you, however, is the same question that got me thinking. Is there a place in your life where you feel like you could help lift someone’s burdens? We live in a world that is very self-focused and this blog, in some ways, can act  as a perfect example. All pictures of me, all the time! The hope I have for myself and also for you is that we take time to make sure we are living a life that serves others and not just ourselves. Be a light in someone else’s life, I promise it’s much more heartwarming than being a light for yourself.

Xoxo, Anna

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