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Sweet Saugatuck

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In the summer time, Saugatuck is a destination hot spot! In the winter, however, it’s the exact opposite! Most everything is shut down and the little lake town doesn’t see too many people. Nevertheless, it’s equally as magical, coated in a blanket of snow! I love Saugatuck and venturing out on a snowy day was so much fun. In the pictures above, I’m wearing a Free People cardigan that I actually got at Nordstrom Rack, not too long ago. It’s still at Nordstrom, marked down to the same price offered at Nordstrom Rack. Click on the link to shop it, it also comes in black! The velvet detail that lines the trim of the jacket is so incredibly beautiful, it makes an otherwise pretty simple cardigan, super fun and trendy! Fits a little oversized for a comfy, cozy look and feel.

I had the opportunity to watch an incredible tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. at church over this past weekend. Every single time I hear that famous speech he gave, I get goose bumps. The passion, strength and love in his voice as he read his speech can bring tears to your eyes. One mans words, backed with so much dedication, went so far. This morning, I thought to myself, “Would he be proud to see how far things have come?”. I landed on yes. But with that said, we still have a ways to go. We all have a dream. Stand up, speak out and fight for what you believe in. Your voice matters and you are more than enough! Today we remember a great man and his work. May we continue to work toward a world he would be proud to live in!

Xoxo, Anna

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