Midwest Charm with Anna


Most Recent Closet Additions

I’m excited to share a little shopping round up of my most recent purchases/collaborations! These items were either sent to me or snagged on sale but please note that I rarely pay full price for an item (I realize this looks like quite a bit)! Complete posts will be coming soon but for now, perhaps you’ll find a little inspo in what I’ve added to my closet! To shop, click on the pictures below.







Rock the Overall Trend for Under $21

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready for Spring! These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago on the west side of the state when I was adventuring with…
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In Sum

It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that it hit me. The year that brought SO MUCH was coming to an end. A year filled with…
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T’was the Night of the Super Moon

T’was the night of the super moon in the cutest top from Romwe…. Heheh! On a more serious note, can I just say how incredibly stunning it was to see the peak of the super moon through the high rises in the city of Austin, Texas. The sad little picture I captured does not do it justice, but I promise you, it was beautiful. As you know, I recently…
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