Midwest Charm with Anna


Looking Back on 2017

Looking back on the posts that were published on MidwestCharmwithAnna.com from the beginning of 2017 right until the very end! I picked one picture from each blog post and loved reliving the memories as I put them all into one chronological video. Cheers to a year that brought so much! Xoxo, Anna

Lulu Workout Skirts

Here’s a fun little fact for ya: I workout in skirts! If I’m not wearing cropped leggings, I’m likely wearing a Lululemon workout skirt. I am super weird about shorts and while I like them to hangout in, I dislike them for workouts. Just a personal preference and in other opinions, a weird little quirk…
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Little Loves

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them. You must love God like a little child if you want to enter heaven.” Matthew 19:13-15 Since I started this blog (nearly two years ago), I’ve wanted to share this video. I’ve been waiting for the right moment and I think I’ve …

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