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This post was published in collaboration with Tart Collections.

Happy March everyone! I am super excited to share this post because I am featuring a vest that I have been wearing non-stop! It has been so fun to wear with everything from jeans to leather pants to the fun leggings in the pictures up top. The vest is incredibly soft and the perfect length. I love that it hangs a little longer rather than right at the hip (and I’m on the tall side, standing at nearly 5’8″). My favorite part of this vest is the little belt, complete with tassels at each end, that allows you to tie it shut. Considering how windy it has been outside (thanks a lot Michigan), the belt is a BIG win! The vest is cozy yet chic and I absolutely love it.  Thank you to @TartCollections for sending such a fun piece for me to share. I love this brand and I hope you guys do too! Quality pieces that are definitely worth investing in. For more, check out their website: www.tartcollections.com! Happy hump day, we’re half way there!

Xoxo, Anna

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