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Through the Desert and to the Pool

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Does anyone ever confuse the the spelling of desert (barren area of landscape) and dessert (tasty delicious treat)?! ┬áSo random but as I typed the title for this post, I couldn’t help but think about the little trick my friend Marlie taught me way back in elementary school! Marlie, one of my elementary school besties, always said this: dessert (the tasty delicious treat) has 2 S’s because you always want more than one dessert! Isn’t that so cute?! She was always tutoring me along the way and now she’s in medical school pursuing her dream to become a pediatrician! Proud of her and forever grateful for her trick to teach me how to spell desert and dessert heheh!

Regarding my cover up and suit up top, both are very affordable! The suit is from a store that I don’t typically shop at but plan to pay closer attention to because they have the cutest swimwear! Click below to see where they’re from. I tried to link some similar options because sizes are limited!

Xoxo, Anna

Cover ups:


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