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Ok you guys! Kimonos and body suits! I’m into them! Super excited to share this kimono kick I’m on because it’s incredibly versatile and fun. This little kimono is less than $20 and will jazz up soooo many outfits this spring and summer. Not only that, but how cute will it be to wear over bathing suits?! I have lots of plans for my new kimonos and can’t wait to (eventually) share them all. As for my body suit, I finally caved! I held off buying one for a long time because I couldn’t justify buying something that made taking it on and off more difficult. To my surprise, it’s not difficult whatsoever.  I was clearly being a little dramatic heheh! I actually liked the body suit so much that I ended up buying four (all for less than $15). I think they will be great staple pieces as we head into warmer weather, to either wear alone or layer with. To sum up the body suit, it’s like wearing a tank top that you don’t constantly pull and tug at or try to keep tucked in. I usually tuck my shirt in so this body suit trend will actually serve me quite well! I hope everyone has a happy Monday. Spring is in the air here in Michigan and I am loving the peaks of sunshine we are seeing!

Xoxo, Anna

Shop my exact outfit:

Sneak peak of the other kimonos that made their way into my closet (also under $20):

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