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Wedding Season

A very special thank you to Lexi Cook for inspiring this post! Family friends are the best kind of friends! Love you!

What to wear to a wedding! Hmmmm! Always always a brain teaser because of course you have to consider what kind of wedding, i.e. black tie vs. casual, outdoor vs. indoor, destination vs. local, ect. While I wish I did, I don’t have the perfect answer for you at this point! With that said, in this post, I am going to share my go to rules and round up appropriate wedding dress options for easy shopping!

To start, my four go to wedding dress rules are as follows:

  • never ever wear white
  • modest always trumps risky
  • simple is safe (ex. navy, black, one simple neutral color)
  • when in doubt, wear a classic Lilly Pulitzer dress

As for the set I’m featuring above, I completely forgot to photograph the modest version, however, the skirt is adjustable and can be worn much higher up making it a modest set that more so resembles a dress rather than a skirt and cropped top! So, take these pictures lightly, they’re the best I’ve got for this wedding dress round up post heheh!

Now the fun part! Lets shop!




My Exact Set

This post is definitely a work in progress and I will likely be sprucing up the categories later this evening and tonight as well as adding more options! For now, I hope this helps those of you that have some weddings just around the corner!

Xoxo, Anna

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