Midwest Charm with Anna

What The Heck Michigan?!







Wellp, it’s finally starting to feel like Winter here in Michigan! Just in time for us all to be wishing it was Spring! We have had the most confusing weather lately. The past few weeks I’ve had to check the weather daily just to figure out what season to dress for. Cold, warm? Rain, snow?! This morning I walked outside to what looked like snow but felt like rain! Super special for someone who planned on wearing their work stilettos. I opened the front door and literally said “ohhhh shoot!”.  Due to the fact that I had to be at work at 7:00am, I skipped my morning weather report! I quickly changed into my snow boots and with my heels in hand I rolled out! I’ve shared this cape on Instagram in the past and lots of you messaged me about where it was from. I actually snagged it on super sale last year at Zara so it’s no longer linkable. I’ve linked a couple somewhat similar options below!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Xoxo, Anna

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