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Workout With a View

Leggings: Lululemon, Long Sleeve Tee: Lululemon, Shoes: Nike, Socks: J.Crew (hehe oops!)

I am so bummed.. I promised a workout post and it never posted! I am so sorry about that! Though it’s a few days late, I guess I’ll share it now. These pictures were taken at Mount Baldhead in Saugatuck, Michigan. It’s about 300 stairs to the top which leads you to a bird’s eye view of Saugatuck. You can run down the dunes on the other side which will drop you off on Oval Beach and Lake Michigan. That doesn’t sound so bad huh?! Here’s the deal guys. Working out doesn’t have to be miserable. It doesn’t have to be a grueling 5 mile run by any means. Working out can come in so many forms and these pictures are a perfect example. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually enjoyed this workout! I enjoyed being outside and and I enjoyed climbing my way to the incredibly breath taking views at the top. I guess the key with these workouts is getting creative. When you are doing something that you enjoy, working out becomes less of a burden and more of an enjoyment. My legs were certainly sore the next day, but I promise, it was worth it!

As for my outfit, here’s a funny little story for you. How about those socks I’m wearing?! When I went to change into my workout clothes, I realized that I had forgotten my little shorty socks. I was forced to wear my J.Crew socks that I wear with my boots! They were tall with pink flowers but I made the most of it and rocked them anyways! The pink flowers went well with the pink on my Nike’s and my lulu shirt heheh! I felt like an 80s aerobic instructor!

Next on the blog I will be sharing a little bit about my new found love for Pure Barre! It’s kicking my butt, however, I surprisingly really like it. It’s helping a ton with my lack of flexibility! Stay tuned!

Xoxo, Anna

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