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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to use hair products that you can find at the drugstore. I love being a natural blonde and I’ve always been fearful that anything I pick up might turn my hair orange or take away from that natural color that it (for the most part) still holds! I admit that I am totally weird about my hair and for that reason I only use products selected or given to me by my hair stylist, Angie. Angie rocks and she has been cutting my hair since I first had little hairs to cut! I by no means think that my hair is too good for drug store products, it’s just that my hair knowledge is very limited and I trust my hair dresser far more than I trust myself in that department. My friends in college used to tell me that I had “virgin hair” for reference! I know that Angie will never lead me astray and therefore, I will never end up with orange or damaged hair. So anyways, that was a little background about how anal I am about my hair. It really just comes down to the fact that I prefer a more natural look and do my best to keep it that way.

As I get older, which also means spending more time behind a desk than in the sun, I notice my roots a lot more. As someone who is quite blonde, it’s hard to not be distracted by the incredibly dark hair that, unfortunately, shows up at the worst times. As much as I would love to go into the salon for endless highlight appointments with my girl Ang, 1) my budget won’t allow it and 2) neither will she! Dying your hair can be incredibly damaging and it’s smart to give it a rest and not over kill it with constant highlight appointments. So now you’re probably thinking.. where is she going with this?! She wants her roots to always look fresh, she’s a little crazy and likes a natural blonde look but she’s telling me to avoid having too many pricey hair appointments. Soooo what’s a girl to do when her roots are dark and she wants to look her best for a fun night out?! Good news. I HAVE DISCOVERED A DRUG STORE PRODUCT THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I never thought I would say the words! I was actually so hesitant to try it that I first took it to Angie and asked her to look at it and tell me if it would be ok to put in my hair. A little “research” if you will! 😉 Hehe! Angie looked at the Back 2 Blonde product and said to me, “This stuff is awesome”! I was so pleased and very excited to give it a go.

Angie was right and I can sincerely tell you that the Back 2 Blonde product is awesome! As I tried it for the first time, I was surprised and impressed to find that it instantly turned my dark roots back to blonde. The best part about it (for a nervous nancy such as myself) is that it’s just a temporary concealer spray meaning that with a little shampoo it washes right out! It looks very natural, which checks the box for me and as a beautiful bonus, it gives your hair a little shine leaving you with a lively and luscious look! Back 2 Blonde noted that not all blondes are the same and created 3 different shades which can be found at Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid.


Is it easy to use? YES! I promise if I can do it then it must be easy! For the most part, I am pretty hair and make-up challenged. I keep it very simple and basic. (It’s a good thing I have sisters and friends to pull me through and show me their ways!). An even better way to prove that it’s easy to use, please refer to this picture:


I kid you not, I sprayed the Back 2 Blonde product in my hair in the middle of a field! Hahaha! It was without a doubt a scenic little spot but there were definitely not any mirrors out there! Not a problem! A little guidance from a friend and taaaa-daaaa! Take a look at the before and after pictures below. I think it’s amazing what a drug store product can do! (I’m sorry I ever doubted!!!)





Again, I don’t know how to edit pictures so these are the real deal! For reference, I am using the “light blonde” shade. I hope all of you blondes out there give this product a try. I am currently obsessed and have used it on more than one occasion just this week alone! Give it a go and live your life to the blondest!



Xoxo, Anna

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