Midwest Charm with Anna

Champagne for Breakfast









How cute are these nighties?! Put my friend Anna and I together and we are a pretty silly duo (hence the pictures above). Happily living in our own little world, Anna and I had way too much fun playing around in these nighties from @Nordstrom! We both have a sweet tooth and we never say no to champagne so they were very fitting for us. How sweet it is to have a friend that makes me smile the way I am smiling in the pictures above. Why do what you do if you can’t have fun doing it?! We laughed until our abs hurt and finally stopped taking pictures when we slowly but surely nibbled away at the last bits of our sweet treats! Well, that and I had spilled all over my nightie due to an aggressive “cheers” with the goofball next to me! Hahah! Anyways, such a fun gift idea for the upcoming holidays or perhaps just something spoil yourself with!

Happy Friday everyone! Celebrate the weekend with some champagne and/or cake for breakfast!

Xoxo, Anna

P.S. we took these pictures on my new camera using a self-timer and a homemade tripod (aka a stack of books) which made this little shoot even more hysterical!

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