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Even If…

Can we hold onto our faith, EVEN IF, the outcome looks unfavorable?! I loooooved the questions presented to us at church on Sunday morning! Through scripture and sermon, I was reminded that we cannot put our confidence in the circumstances of life, we must put our confidence in God. 100% commitment and 100% confidence in Him, EVEN IF.

Do you ever pray with hesitation because you are, in a sense, protecting your faith and protecting your confidence in all that God is capable of? Fearful that what you’re asking is, perhaps, impossible? We all have doubts, so that’s ok! I confess, I have my share of doubts. What I’ve learned and am excited to share is that God may not change the outcome. He may not answer your prayer in quite the way that you would like. And while that can often feel like “a failed prayer” our victory isn’t in the outcome of your exact prayer, our victory is in Jesus! He may not change the outcome but our victory is not in the outcome. Hold onto that! Fix your eyes on what’s above, because no matter what, there is more to come.¬†I am making a way – Isaiah 43.

At church, we spent our Sunday morning talking about having a double-fisted faith. “As fearless followers we must live with a double-fisted faith and build our lives around the commitment and confidence we have in Jesus.”

So here were my take aways: tomorrow is not guaranteed. With a double-fisted faith, I can hold on, even if, things don’t go the way I want them to. I know that because of my Dad. I prayed and prayed that God wouldn’t take my Dad and nevertheless, He did. With 100% commitment and 100% confidence in Jesus, I know that the pioneer and perfecter of my faith holds the answer to our ultimate victory. The same God that created the universe is the same God that has the power to answer my prayers. God is with you, will you hold on when the outcome is unfavorable?

“Having a double-fisted faith in times of uncertainty is when we show our best witness to the world.” -Josh Zoerhof (Pastor at Ridge Point Community Church in Holland, Michigan)

Xoxo, Anna

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