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Jacket: Lululemon, Cropped Leggings: Lululemon, Nike Shoes: DSW

This post makes me laugh a little because the pictures were taken shortly after I got off of a phone call with my sister explaining to her that I had spent the large majority of my morning sipping coffee in bed watching Netflix. I emerged around noon and her response was perfect! She said, “That’s ok Ann, that’s what Saturdays are for.” She couldn’t have said it better. Weekends make it perfectly acceptable to have a lazy day (or two!). With that said, don’t let a lazy day set you back. Exercise can come in so many different forms and my version on Saturday by no means pushed my limits. Nevertheless, it did get me out and moving! If you can just force yourself to get up and go, you’ll be so much better off.

So after a morning spent in front of the TV, my roommate Anna and I decided to go for a long walk to explore some of the trails around the city. Nothing vigorous, just something to get our blood moving! When we got outside it was a bit chilly so we opted to start our walk in the direction of Starbucks. No shame in a little workout with a red cup in hand! Ha! We happen to have a friend that works at the Starbucks downtown and the workers there are so friendly, so they made us each a free drink and we went on our way. It started raining right as we left Starbucks which was unfortunate. It was cold and wet but we continued on. We ended up on a trail that wraps around Town Lake. The trail led us way outside of the city giving us some of the best views on the outside looking in. We ended up walking for a total of 3 hours! Like I said, it wasn’t a crazy workout. I mean, we had Starbucks in hand for pity’s sake! But we did get up and go, and that in it of itself felt good! A break from technology, a chance for quality conversation and a little exercise in the mix made for a great Saturday!

Xoxo, Anna

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