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Mac’s First Birthday: An English Springer Spaniel’s First Year

I am so excited to share this video with you all! Though I wish I could share all of my memories, I instead opted to share a few randomly selected snapshots from Mac’s first year! It truly is amazing for me to watch this video as it reminds me that God’s greatest blessings can be found in even the smallest of moments! I am so grateful for Mac’s presence in my life. What a joy and honor it has been raising him and watching him grow!

1 thought on “Mac’s First Birthday: An English Springer Spaniel’s First Year”

  1. I so enjoyed seeing your Mac…he’s just so cute!!! We have a springer also named Barney and he is very much loved as I can see Mac is too. We live in Charlotte,nc so not much snow for Barney to play in.
    Thanks for sharing your photos! Wanda

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