Midwest Charm with Anna

“Never Take For Granted What You Were Once in Awe Of”

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I heard this quote at church (Ridge Point Community Church) this past summer and it’s stuck with me ever since. As I looked at these pictures taken on the rooftop of my new apartment building, I couldn’t think of more fitting words. For a long time, I have dreamed about moving to Grand Rapids. I fell in love with the city a few years back and always told myself I would eventually move here. As I looked out onto the city, I remember thinking, I will never take this for granted. Thanks to a dream planted in my heart a few years back, some hard work and the support of my close friends and family, I type this post with a mass amount of gratitude sitting in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.

I just shared this outfit over on my Instagram (@anna_rittenhouse) and it was quite a hit! To shop it, click on the picture below! Happy Thursday everyone.

Xoxo, Anna

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