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This Year on the Blog

To kick off 2021 on the blog, I wanted to share our new schedule! Of course in addition to this schedule, you will find posts that I write for fun and partnerships that I am working on! So here we go:

Monday: Splurge or Save

Tuesday: All things home &/or all things Macatawa

Wednesday: Workout look/Workout routine

Thursday: Health/Beauty

Friday: Five under $50

As you can see, the schedule isn’t super detailed. I want to be able to have freedom to create while also producing content that you guys seem to be most interested in. Based on past posts, I’ve concluded that these five topics always seem to be a hit. Thank you to all who continue to read and enjoy www.midwestcharmwithanna.com! I look forward to all of the posts that 2021 will bring!

Xoxo, Anna

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