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I Have a Big God

Romper: Spring Sweet, Wedges: Target, Bracelet: Rocksbox (free trial code: AnnaRittenhousexoxo)

I don’t know how to explain this other than saying I had just come off of a night of unexpected events that left me feeling a bit down. Letting go of the people and things we love can be so hard, even when we know its best. When what felt like a very long day was all said and done, it was late and instead of driving 2 hours home to East Lansing, I stayed in Holland at the cottage of the family I used to nanny for with them. Everyone was asleep when I squeaked in and I fell fast asleep the second my head hit the pillow. I woke up to the sound of two babies playing with each other and I mean seriously, what could be cuter than that?! I came down looking a bit rough with my leftover curls un-brushed in my oversized sweatshirt and PJ pants. The two little girls swarmed me with hugs and confusion! “What are you doing here AnnaRitt?!” Such a sweet start to my morning. Their voices are enough to warm my heart and heal any brokenness that could be within. Such genuine care and concern at such a young age. I sipped my coffee surrounded by the splendid chaos of having a 3 year old and 2 year old running around. At one point, Steve (Dad) and I were sitting on the ground playing a board game that involved “baking cupcakes”. Mind you this was all before 9:00am so let’s just say that Steve has certainly earned his title, time and time again, as Dad of the decade! I absolutely love them and as I have said before, they are all like family. Such a blessing to be able to join in on the family vacation (impromptu) and be surrounded by the people I love most. We spent the entire day on the beach eating cheese and sipping wine. My favorite part of the entire day was sweet baby Tory falling asleep on me in my chair at the beach. Apparently I fell asleep too, because Karrie (mom) caught a picture of it! How sweet it is to have such a little life love you so much. It’s truly unexplainable how much love I feel right back! One night at the cottage turned into two as we put the babies to bed and Karrie, Steve and I sat outside on the porch sipping more wine. Karrie and I ate almost an entire bag of lays potato chips in our cozy cottage clothes underneath a big (king size) blanket. Being on that big porch feels like you’re in a tree house. It’s awesome. We chatted until Steve couldn’t take any more chatting and all turned in for the night. We woke up and went to the cutest little café called The Good Earth Café downtown. It was a chilly morning so it was a good excuse to leave the water and head downtown for breakfast and a little shopping. We had just ordered breakfast and were filling our coffees when I saw a sign that read “Don’t tell your God that you have a big problem, tell your problem you have a big God”. I loved it! We all did. Especially with the confusion and feelings that came from what I was in the process of walking away from, it was perfect. Learning to trust God in all circumstances can be so difficult. Thanks to the encounter of that sign, I’ve been clinging to those words the past few days: “Tell your problem you have a big God”.. I just love it!

We went on to shop downtown and that is where I found this gem of a romper. The tassels and off the shoulder combo are to die for. Karrie found it and said, “Ann! You have to try this on” and so I did. As I came out in it she said, “ohhhhh ya, you hit the jackpot” and I agree! I think it is absolutely adorable and so incredibly fun to wear. It came from a wonderful shop downtown called Spring Sweet. If you live in the area, Spring Sweet and Frances Jaye (two amazing shops in Holland, Michigan) have teamed up to show off the latest summer trends through a runway show and exclusive shopping event where you’ll receive 20% off your purchase that evening! Tunes, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, tickets are only $18. Even better, $3 of every ticket sale will support The Holland City Mission. Amazing right?! The event is on July 12th from 6-9pm and tickets are available via Eventbrite. A direct link can be found via the Springsweet Instagram account in their bio.

I’m not sure that I needed healing, but if I did, God certainly provided. When I was feeling down, he gave me the opportunity to have two amazing days with the family that makes me feel like family. Two solid days filled with love, laughs and wine. Shopping was the icing on the cake and with that, I am learning to tell my problems that I have a big God.

Xoxo, Anna


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