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Living in Leather Leggings





Hello everyone and happy holidays! It feels good to be back on the blog after some time away simply enjoying time with friends and family. I’ve had some busy days and some lazy days and I have loved all of them. It’s always sad to see the holiday season come to an end but I am really looking forward to being back on a routine. I have plenty of new goals for 2017 and I look forward to spending my days working towards those! Stay tuned!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these leggings (in the pictures above) quite a bit. This particular pair is on their second winter season and is still one of my favorite go-to’s! They’re equally as cozy as regular leggings but jazz up an outfit just enough so that you don’t feel like a plain Jane. I found these gems at Express and absolutely love them. I will link them below, in addition to a few other options, so that you too can live in your leather leggings. I love mine and am not quite sure what I did before them! While I do love jeans, I think it’s safe to say that I am a leggings girl through and through! Michigan winters call for warmth and comfort and these check both boxes without compromising style!

Xoxo, Anna

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