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Tip Toeing Through the Tulips

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Raincoat: Northface, Rainboots: Hunter, Umbrella: Gap, Headband: Lilly for Target, Blouse: Loft’s Lou and Grey, Leggings: JCrew

This past week, I experienced my very first Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan. I spent the week immersed in America’s very own Holland! Tulips galore, Dutch costumes, wooden shoes and thousands of tourists here to see the sights, it was certainly a week for the books! The pictures above don’t quite do the tulips justice. Even amidst the rain, it was absolutely breathtaking to see rows and rows of such beautiful flowers! I had such a blast exploring and I think it’s safe to say that nothing beats tip toeing through the tulips.. especially in pink rain boots!

Xoxo, Anna

*Sidenote: no tulips were harmed in the making of this post! (In Holland if you pick a tulip, you receive a $75.00 fine PER TULIP! No picking occurred!)

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