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The struggle was real at 4:30am in the Chicago O’hare airport last Thursday. I had three things that kept me going that morning: 1. I knew I was headed off to sunny Florida to spend the weekend with an amazing group of girls for a friend’s Bachelorette party, 2. I had a Starbucks in my hand and 3. I was traveling with my middle sister Allison. It was a dead give away that I was riding the struggle bus when one of the airport employees asked my sister if I was her daughter. Given the fact that we are only 16 months apart, Allison was slightly offended! Once we realized that the comment was likely because Allison was taking care of me like a lost puppy we died laughing! Traveling with mom… aka my middle sister! That leads me to my first DO of traveling. DO travel with a trusty companion that will look out for you if possible! Airports are so incredibly boring and often times stressful. Having a friend to ease the burden of a long day is always nice. My next struggle bus moment occurred when I spilled my coffee on my white jeans. That brings light to my first DON’T of traveling. If you are anything like me, DON’T travel in white pants! Fortunately, I know myself well and I had thrown a few Tide-to-go wipes in my bag at the last minute. DO travel with extra Tide-to-go wipes! You never know when they might come in handy. After the spill, we successfully made it onto our first flight which was headed to Detroit for our connection to get us to West Palm Beach. In our case, the option for a non-stop flight was not available. If it is however, DO try and book a non-stop flight to your destination. It can help to avoid chaos if there are delays or cancellations. Among the group of girls we were coordinating our travels with, we did have that issue. DON’T stress. Where there is a will there is a way and stressing at an airport will, unfortunately, get you no where. DO work with the airport employees to help you get on the next available flight, even if it means re-routing you through a different airport. We eventually landed in West Palm Beach with nothing but pure excitement to unite with the rest of the bridal party and begin celebrating our beautiful bride-to-be! I have one last travel tip that I can’t resist sharing. DO travel with a selfie stick. We were all exhausted after a long day of travel and extending that stick of hilariousness to document it made for a great laugh! My do’s and don’ts of traveling may be a little random, but I would be lying if I said that wasn’t me! Random at it’s finest. Traveling is always a unique experience and I’m glad I was able to share some of my laughs from the journey with you all! Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, Anna

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